About Us

Who we are

ADSVIC is a volunteer run, registered not for profit organisation, dedicated to supporting people affected by asbestos related diseases (ARD) by offering peer based support and working to eliminate asbestos exposure through advocacy and increasing community awareness.

ADSVIC is overseen by an elected Committee of Management consisting of seven volunteer members who manage the affairs of the organisation.

Three main Groups exist within ADSVIC:

  1. An ARD Support Group.
  2. An Awareness and Advocacy Group.
  3. A Social (and social fund raising) Group.

About RSA Courses in Sydney

About RSA Courses in Sydney

Finding a job in a liquor licensed setting like a bottle-shop, restaurant, cafe, pub or bar can be easy and realistic if an individual takes RSA courses in Sydney. RSA courses in Sydney prepare students for upcoming careers in environments that involve alcohol serving and consumption. People who finish RSA courses in Sydney receive RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificates.

If an individual receives an RSA certificate in Sydney, a city in New South Wales, then he can use it to seek employment in other Australian states such as Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Victoria. If an individual wants to use his New South Wales certificate in Victoria, he needs to first take a refresher course, however. Before people sign up for RSA courses in Sydney, they need to make sure they know exactly where they plan on eventually working. It’s important to remember that all Australian states are equipped with their own specific laws and guidelines.

It’s also important and smart for people to make note of how long exactly RSA certificates from New South Wales are valid. New South Wales RSA certificates are good for 5 years. The standards are different in other Australian states, too. If a person gets an RSA certificate in Perth, Western Australia, for example, it will be valid for 3 years. 

RSA courses in Sydney from http://www.catch.nsw.edu.au/course/rsa/ can be highly rewarding and enriching for people who are prepared for them. These detailed classes provide students with valuable insight on how to work with alcohol responsibly. Instructors for RSA courses talk to students about how to serve and sell alcohol with moral considerations in mind. They also talk to students about the serious hazards of drunk driving and what to do when they suspect that a patron in their work setting may attempt to do so. Alcohol abuse is yet another major focus of these courses.