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Who we are

ADSVIC is a volunteer run, registered not for profit organisation, dedicated to supporting people affected by asbestos related diseases (ARD) by offering peer based support and working to eliminate asbestos exposure through advocacy and increasing community awareness.

ADSVIC is overseen by an elected Committee of Management consisting of seven volunteer members who manage the affairs of the organisation.

Three main Groups exist within ADSVIC:

  1. An ARD Support Group.
  2. An Awareness and Advocacy Group.
  3. A Social (and social fund raising) Group.

Making Good Use of Display Cabinets

Making Good Use of Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are a good way to, well, display items, but they can be so much more than that with a little bit of planning. The key is to put aside the contents of the display cabinet and think of it purely in terms of furniture and how it fits into the rest of the room. Material plays a major role here- it is very difficult to get a plastic or metal display cabinet to look good with a room of wood furniture, although having glass is fine. Because Metro display cabinets are so large, it is very important to consider how they are going to work with other elements in the room even before placing objects inside them.
There are two main ways to use display cabinets- ornamental and practical. These can overlap: for example, storing fine china place settings in the dining room in a glass-fronted cabinet is both ornamental and practical.
However, if the table and chairs are wood and the cabinet is not, then the display will appear tacky and out of place. In general, wood looks more luxurious and sophisticated than metal, which is above plastic, but there are exceptions. In addition, having the cabinet be wood when other furniture is plastic will look just as out of place as the other way around. Always be mindful of the materials when it comes to large cabinets.

Working With Knock Down Rebuild Designers

Working With Knock Down Rebuild Designers

As suburban residential land becomes more and more scarce in the city of Melbourne, knock down rebuild homes are gaining in popularity. If you are interested in upgrading your home without having to move to a new location or going through a costly renovation process, a knockdown rebuild may be your best option.

Here are 4 benefits to working with knock down rebuild designers:

Benefit #1 – It Will Save You Money

Knock down rebuild designers are usually a lot more affordable than architects or renovation specialists. This is because it is usually cheaper to build a new home than it is to extend it or renovate it.

Benefit #2 – You Are Able To Stay In Your Current Neighborhood

Having to move to a new neighborhood can completely disrupt the flow of your family. With knock down rebuild designers at lux living homes you don’t have to worry about that. Your new home is rebuilt in the same location which prevents you from having to move your family to a new location.

Benefit #3 – It’s Less Risky Than a Renovation

Not only are renovations expensive, but they are considered high risk due to the amount of time they take. You could easily go over your budget by thousands of dollars when you are going through a renovation.

The biggest problem is the unknown factor. As you start to renovate the home you never know what issues you will run into.

With knock down rebuild designers the unknown is not a factor. This is because your home is being knocked down and completely rebuilt from scratch. You are basically getting a brand new home without the risk of a renovation.

Benefit #4 – You Get The Opportunity To Build The Home of Your Dreams

Knock down rebuild designers work with you to design a home you and your family will truly love. You get to start with a blank canvas and design the home the way you want it to be. Your only limitation will be your budget.

Teatox; A Natural and Relaxing Way to Detox

Teatox; A Natural and Relaxing Way to Detox

It is well-known that tea is a beverage that offers a natural boost as well as encourages a moment of relaxation and calmness into our sometimes hectic schedules. These days, there are so many new options for detox cleanses in the health food market and so much pressure to do find the right one that will honor our bodies. Teatox by reviveme tea is a method that is developed from a beverage that we already know is good for us! In using Teatox, we can reap the benefits of tea’s natural herbal ingredients to aid our digestion and cleanse toxins from our bodies.
Teatox is meant to fit into our daily lives, not overtake them. Typically used in the morning and at night, Teatox is the perfect way for your metabolism to start and end a day. Not only is it relaxing, it’s an easy and enjoyable way to dedicate a little time to taking care of your body. Teatox is regarded for the boost of energy you might gain, as well as the personal sense of well-being it inspires.
Typically made from a blend of natural herbal ingredients, Teatox is a more heightened version of the tea you might find at your regular grocery store. For those of us who already use tea as a way to destress, the benefits of these herbal blends will only increase the experience and further help to clarify the body and mind. Best used as a health aid to support a balanced diets and active lifestyle, Teatox is an excellent jump-start to getting back in touch with your health and body.


Reasons you need IT support in Melbourne

Reasons you need IT support in Melbourne
IT Support in Melbourne is an important service for any business that relies on computers and networks to get its work done. There are several reasons why you need IT support in Melbourne.Hardware
IT Support in Melbourne for your hardware is important. Frequent breakdowns of hardware such as desktops, laptops and tablets can mean lost work time and a reduction in productivity. Having good IT support for your hardware, including using techs that are familiar with each type and brand, is vital.

Hardware is useless without software to run it, so another major element of your IT support in Melbourne has to revolve around the software you run. This involves both regular service, such as doing updates and swapping out software that no longer is supported, and emergency service for problems such as viruses and malware. As with hardware, it’s important that the techs doing your IT support have expertise in the specific software types you are working with. If you have proprietary software, you may have to offer training if you use third-party IT.

Networks and cloud
A big part of business these days is both connected and private networks, and your IT Switch IT support in Melbourne has to be able to provide these services. This can involve setting up both private networks and Internet service, as well as setting up security for it. Such services can also include setting up data centers or procuring cloud storage to store your data off site.

Putting the personal touch on your Christmas cards

Putting the personal touch on your Christmas cards
Do you always buy your Christmas cards at the last minute? If you routinely purchase your Christmas cards directly before you need to mail them, you probably don’t have time to put your own personal touch on them. You likely slap them in envelopes, seal them, and hurriedly rush them to the mailbox. If you can relate to this common phenomena, consider doing things decidedly different this year. Buy your Christmas cards early in order to give yourself plenty of time to accentuate and customize them.

By purchasing your Christmas cards a http://www.charitygreetingcards.com.au/, you will have time to give them the wow factor. For instance, do all of your nieces and nephews adore stickers? If you have sticker fanatics on your holiday card mailing list, think about making their cards more festive with beautiful, colorful stickers. Scratch and sniff snickers are often big hits with kids and adults alike. Look for stickers with scents that remind people of the holidays such as cinnamon, peppermint, and pine trees. If you have young kids at home, enlist their help in the holiday card decoration process. Your little ones can draw Christmas trees, manager scenes, and wrapped presents on the cards. Imagine the look on grandma’s face when she receives a card containing art created by her grandkids. Another great way to add artistic flair to your Christmas cards is to punch holes on the left-hand sides of them. Use the holes to tie a bow with some colorful string or ribbon. For your relatives with a sweet tooth, consider filling their cards with small candy canes. Before mailing your lovely selection of cards, select some festive envelopes to place them in. Don’t reach for your standard, white ones. Instead, opt for seasonal green or red envelopes. Or, buy some envelopes in your personal, favorite color. With some creativity and effort, this year’s holiday cards will be your best ones ever.